Our Skills


The purpose of this list is to assist INCA members in finding another member who has the skills to assist in planning or executing a needed part of their intellectual property development.


Victoria Closson

Solomons, MD victoria @ theheadbone.com

Proficiencies: Graphic design, proofreading, copyediting, model referral/agent, amateur photography

Topics: Help with marketing materials, trade show signage, product packaging. I can also refer an affordable model (male or female, age 17-25) to help showcase your product, and can assist with photography if necessary.


John Boucher

Silver Spring, MD jbouch @ erols.com

Proficiencies: DVM (veterinarian) with PhD in cardiovascular physiology.

Topics: I discover new areas of patentable therapeutic opportunity in animals and then apply appropriate existing human therapies to the animal condition. A patent from such an opportunity would be a “METHODS” patent (a new use for an existing therapy).


Maurice Daniel

Alexandria, VA www.MasterInventor.com

Proficiencies: BS. Physics (1965), Masters in Business (1998), prolific and visionary inventor with skills in patent procurement and licensing, patent searching, economic evaluation of new technology, Patent Office procedures, patentability and marketability, technology agreements, protection of patent rights, prototype design and fabrication, and other aspects of inventing.

Topics: Innovative Marketing Methods, Household products and Devices, Personal Care Products, Electronic Home Products, Innovative Food Products, Toys and Games, Optical Fiber Illumination Devices, Woven Optical Fiber Lighting Fixtures, Light pipes and Fixtures, Illumination with Colored Light Devices, Software Products and Improvements, Non-Lethal Anti-Terrorism, Space Propulsion Methods, Underwater Propulsion Methods, New Sources of Energy, Construction Tools and Materials, Scientific Instruments, Laws of Physics.


Raoul Drapeau

Vienna, VA rdrapeau @ cox.net

Proficiencies: BSEE Cornell, MSEE RPI. Interdisciplinary technical background. Product development, business management, marketing, international operations and writing. Technical accomplishments in image processing, imaging, software, computer graphics, automation, peripheral devices, video and data communications. Raoul has also written a book Your Invention.

Topics: Patent specifications, prototyping, marketing, writing, mechanical devices, electronics.


Ray Gilbert

Springfield, VA raybik @ aol.com

Proficiencies: MechE, IndE, MBA, Manufacturing Engr., Mechanical and Electrical Design, Systems Simplification, Product cost analysis, Creative Problem Solving, Federal Acquisition Engr., Patent Agent

Topics: Invention strategies, Product Evolution, Economic Analysis, Business Planning, Manufacturing design, Patent options.


Glen Kotapish

Baltimore, MD ipatent @ aol.com, www.planetpatent.com

Proficiencies: Patent Searching, Writer, Manufacturing Engineering, Prototype building, AutoCAD & SolidWorks drafting, Machining, Welding, Drawing, and Aircraft flying. Founder of www.planetpatent.com . Bachelor of Science degree in Aerospace Science, and continuing education in Aviation Technology Management. Glen is also technical and marketing consultant to the MIT Fab Lab at the Community College of Baltimore County, Catonsville, Maryland.

Topics: Product design, development, and promotion. High technology and low technology methods for improving living conditions in impoverished nations (if you know of a good website or resource for this type of information, please e-mail me about them).


John Melius

Waldorf, MD johnmelius @ earthlink.net

Proficiencies: Art (Drawings), Engineering, Sculpture, School of Hard Knocks, Bringing Imagination into Reality

Topics: Model Making, Casting, Prototypes, TurboCAD, Adobe Illustrator (drawings for patents).


Rajan Sedalia

Washington, DC www.artjar.com contact @ artjar.com

Proficiencies: Recognized by Newsweek Who’s Next Readers’ Choice, Rajan blends the boundaries of industrial design, art, inventions and graffiti. Clients include BMW, HP, Revlon, Hasbro and Coca Cola. Projects have been recognized by CBS Evening News, Parade, Houston Chronicle, The Washington Post (express) and FOX News. Watch the PBS interview at www.artjar.com

Topics: having fun, industrial design, creativity, innovation, product development (from idea to market), package design, patent drawings, CAD.