Inventors Network of the Capital Area 


The Inventors Network of the Capital Area is a non-profit educational organization founded in 1993. Our members are interested in patents, the innovation process, product design, marketing, licensing, prototyping and other product development issues. Visit the Contact Us page if you have questions.

See the Meetings page for a schedule of upcoming meetings, directions, and more information. For announcements about additional upcoming events join the Inventors Network of the Capital Area Meetup Group or join/visit the INCA Google Group.

Meetings are free and open to the public. We invite you to attend our next meeting to participate in networking over pizza, snacks, and drinks.  If you are interested in speaking at an upcoming meeting, or would like to recommend a speaker, visit our Speakers page.

If you are interested in prototyping your invention check out TechShop in Arlington, Virginia or Fab Lab Baltimore in Catonsville, Maryland.


Current Meeting Schedule:

The Monday, November 21, INCA Meeting – will be held at the USPTO Knox Building and requires security screening (NOTE: Drivers license/ID required, Xray of bags, walk through metal detector – no weapons or bad stuff please).  The meeting will include:

Callye Keen, RebBlueCollective.com – Learn about the Lean Product Development process – get to market faster!

Callye Keen has over 10 years of product development and engineering experience, and is the founder of the RebBlueCollective.com – providing education and resources for hardware/product inventors and entrepreneurs. Callye will tell us how to a structured and rapid product development process, built on the Lean Startup methodology – with a challenge/problem-based approach will help get products to market faster.

Networking starts at 5:30 p.m., introductions and announcements follow at 6:30 p.m. Meetings generally end around 8:30 to 9:00 p.m. Pizza, snacks, soda and juice are available during the meeting for a $10 donation.


More About Our Monthly Meetings:

Every month we host a meeting with a speaker and time for experienced and beginning inventors to network. Private sector speakers at past meetings have included successful inventors, and experts in: marketing, branding, patenting, licensing, prototyping, venture capital, and entrepreneurship. Speakers at previous meetings have also included officials from the US Patent & Trademark Office of Independent Inventor Programs and representatives of government small business assistance programs. For more details on past speakers and meeting topics see the Past Meetings page.

Adventure Capitalists on CNBC:

The show centers around companies/products/entrepreneurs who have created an amazing outdoor related product, and are looking for investors to help them take their product to the next level. Our investors will actually get to field test the products side by side with the entrepreneurs in the outdoors, getting the chance to use the products the way they were meant to be used. They are open to finding all sorts of outdoor related products at varying stages of growth. Anyone with a working prototype, all the way up to more established brands that might have a new, innovative product that could use funds (and of course, everything in between).
If you have a cool and innovative outdoor related products, and are interested interested in finding out more, see the below links.


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